Biosensia launches new corporate website

June 2nd, 2009

DUBLIN, Ireland, 02 June, 2009:

Biosensia, the leading point of care in vitro diagnostics company, today announced the launch of a new and comprehensive corporate website. The new site, displays the company’s focus on developing innovative point of care technology, in particular its flagship platform technology RapiPlex.

Headquartered in Nova, University College Dublin, Ireland, Biosensia is poised to become a major player in the development of next-generation, point of care diagnostics.  Its latest innovation, RapiPlex, is a novel, user-friendly, cost effective, multiplexing point of care (POC) in vitro diagnostics platform that gives access to a broad range of diagnostic applications.

Biosensia’s Chief Operating Officer, Diarmuid Flavin, said, “Biosensia is proud to announce a completely revised version of our online presence. We trust that the redesigned Biosensia website will enable a better understanding of our growing and changing business activities. The site is easier to navigate and better highlights the intensity of Biosensia’s focus on developing highly innovative and cost-effective point of care technologies.”  “Most important,” added Diarmuid Flavin, “we believe the site now captures our company’s commitment to expanding the capabilities of in-vitro diagnostic technologies by balancing innovation which improves turnaround times, specificity and sensitivity with the need to produce cost-effective, user friendly systems.”

The new site provides a comprehensive description of Biosensia’s novel point of care platform RapiPlex allowing customers, investors, analysts and the general public to better understand the company, its technology, and underlying science.  The Biosensia website will be an important tool for the company to not only support its worldwide marketing efforts on behalf of the RapiPlex technology, but also to communicate important information on how its products could be used and the analytes that can be detected by using the RapiPlex platform.

“The objective of our new website is to create a better, more efficient experience for our customers and prospects” added Diarmuid Flavin. As a result, the new site features a clean and attractive design, a simple but intuitive navigational structure providing easier access to product information.

The website has been redesigned in collaboration with Ireland’s leading online consultancy, Amas and with the support of Enterprise Ireland.