RapiPlex is a point-of-care diagnosis system based on a set of proprietary technologies capable of producing quantitative and qualitative laboratory quality test results.

RapiPlex comprises a disposable assay cartridge and a small table top instrument, making it possible to transition complex immunoassays from the centralised reference laboratory to a doctor’s office or patients bedside facilitating near patient care without compromising analytical performance.

Technical Specifications:


  • Highly sensitive fluorescence detection
  • Simultaneous multiplex testing upto 24 analytes
  • Quantitative and/or Qualitative Analysis
  • Compatible with Whole Blood, plasma, serum, urine, saliva, and milk


  • Reliable and secure operation
  • Automatic notification of calibration interval
  • Multiple user level password controls
  • Automatic loading of batch calibrations


  • WiFi compatible
  • Compatible with LIMS
  • Accessory; Barcode wand scanner and thermal printer


  • Single step sample addition
  • Results in 5-15 mins
  • Self –timed assay option
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Audible and coloured visual feedback


  • Portable at 3kg weight
  • Optional battery or mains power
  • Compact footprint for clinical, laboratory or field use
  • Recyclable disposables


  • Validated the platform for multiple sample matrices:

    + Whole blood, plasma and serum
    + Urine, Saliva, Milk

  • Demonstrated for multiple applications:

    + Theranostic identification and monitoring
    + Veterinary + Food Safety Testing

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